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Your Fashion Don'tra~!!! (Mar.'14)

Hi readers!
March 1, 2014

Well, today, I am so inspired this 9 year old girl, Cecilia Cassini, CEO of Freetoes.com! And came up with this new idea of how we could ALL exercise some Style Mantra in Reverse~!!

Well, according to the YouTube video, Cecilia's unique style expression was born from her conflicting desire that ran counter to her Mom's concerns...

She wanted to wear her flip flops all throughout the year, her Mom *insisted* that she wear socks... and et voila! her toeless socks, Freetoes were born!!!!!!!!

* * *

Having studied so many different fashion and style systems, I'm beginning to see that our individuality and unique expressions are really not found in fashion books or principles... Sure, reading and learning from the image consultants and fashion gurus doesn't hurt us, but in the end, their guidelines are STILL targeted at 'unspecified groups of people' and they will NEVER be completely geared towards YOUR individual style issues and problems!!!

* * *

Well, to continue on in this vein, I am making this important and delightfully 'Resistant' and 'Reverse' Style Mantra to work, in the year 2014! And I would LOVE to have you join me on this fascinating discovery and journey!

I will make some posts on this, and label them as 'Fashion Don'tras.' You'll be able to follow those posts from my Tag Cloud~~* :-)

Thanks for reading!
It makes me sooooooooo happy to know that daily, there about 200 views for my blog! And it really makes my heart joyous that I'm not on this journey alone!

To you Readers!
Hear~ Hear~!!

Love xoxo,


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