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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oxford Shoes Meet Platform Slip-On's

 So this is a follow up on my previous Oxford Shoes designs!

I came across these totally trendy new designs in Wimef (shopping app). And I think they are so adorable & practical~!!^_^

Black, ivory, white Oxford eyelet punches with laceups and flat tassels on a raised platform slip-on shoes!

Such a smart combination... This would work year round for dark slacks, as well as lighter slacks! And it adds more length to your legs :) 
Fresh feelz! Ivory white Oxford shoe inspiration meets comfy slip-on shoes! With chunky teethy soles... I love how classic meets casual here! Juxtaposition FTW!

Perfect for everyday shoes!
Smart & super comfortable...

Classy comforts... This is so great for FW wardrobe. It has a rich depth of color but it is still youthful and practical with the raised platform sole! 

For the Uniform Girls & Preppy Dandy people~ The tassels and the color and finish all create a more Hogwarts feel... 

The bow ribboned Oxford shoes! This one looks less like a slip-on but it still has that casual trendy vibe of a slip-on...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My New Leather Working Blog is Here! ---> MarsGirl Designs ::: Leather Bags & Things

So, I've begun working with leather last year October (2015)...
I'm still in training, but my teacher encouraged us to blog about our work...