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Monday, October 20, 2014

Can Flat Shoes Be Sexy?

Dear Flat-Shoe-Lovers,

Well, here is the golden question... Can your flat shoes be sexy?

As you all know, I can't wear heels very well. I'm comfortable at 4cm, but anything beyond that, I can't wear them for daily wear. I teach 6 hours regularly, and even on days when I don't teach, I walk a lot. So, comfort comes first when looking for shoes.

On rare occasions, I might wear a 6~7cm wedges but I would die if I wore that for any longer than 3 hours straight. I sincerely do not know how other women wear heels for work shoes!

Having said that, and having *declared* myself, as a Flat-Shoe-Gal, I've wondered if flat shoes can still have a little bit of those sexy qualities that 'heeled shoes' almost always have. :)

Today, I reveal to you some great sexy smexy flats, that can make any flat-shoe-loving fashionista could ask for!

* * *

1. From my personal research into Sexy Flat Shoes, I've found that yes, as long as the toes are pointy and not rounded, they can still look quite sexy.

Caption: Sexy pointed, fitted flats... in a trendy bright color.

2. Following that logic, pointy shoes that have tassels on them which are a tad more traditional and classic, CAN look sexy especially if they are patent leather, because the glossiness helps reduce the too-dowdy feeling! :D

Caption: Sexy pointed, tasseled flats, with lots of GLOSS factor.

3. Ferragamo baby~!! Well, I'm not a huge fan of ribbons or bows, they can look too cute and childlike... But, if the bow is not too rounded, not too feminine, like these flat rectangular shaped, modern looking ones, I guess, you could wear them well with all sorts of outfits, both casual and formal. Note again, that the toes are pointy.

Caption: Ferragamo inspired bow-tied loafers with a pointy toe.

4. Then come the ankle straps! I think these pointy-toe flats with ankle straps are the latest HITS in my city, Seoul, Korea. I'm seeing so many of these this season. Must be the 'Star Product' they're pushing for this year! I see them in all kinds of fabrics and colors too. I really like this one in particular because it is more subtle in color; because you must watch out and make sure your legs don't look shorter from the straps visually cutting across your legs horizontally...

Caption: Sexy pointed, diagonally cut flats with ankle straps in a neutral multi-grain color.

5. Here are a similar pointy-toed, ankle-strapped flats, but with the sides of you feet exposed... I guess these can't really be worn once the weather gets really chilly, but you could probably wear them again in Spring...

Caption: Sexy pointed, fitted flats, with ankle straps, and exposed sides.

6. Metallic gold ankle straps! Yes! Red shoes! Yes! I couldn't find a picture of a sexier cut of these shoes in red... The sides of the shoe aren't cut sexy enough and add bulk to your feet shape, but I love the color combination here, with the extra glam touch on the ankles. :) The gold strap really kicks it up a notch~!! Such perfect party shoes~!!

Caption: Sexy red flats with metallic gold ankle-straps...

7. Finally, the *studded affairs*... These glossy pink shoes with gold square studs are totally glam affairs~!! Instant pizzazz to your outfit~!!

Caption: Sexy glossy pink flats with gold studs all around...

* * *

Well, well, well... There you have it~*

Sexy flats that take you places, in both comfort AND lots of personality~!!
I hope you enjoyed these lovely flats...

And I wish you a happy shoe-journey, this Fall :)


MarsGirl FlatShoenista


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  2. As a man? I think they are smexy and cute! But, just curious, why none of the images feature bare legs, they are perfect for them just like they are for jeans and leggings.

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