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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Flat Shoes of Fall 2015: The Oxford Shoes for Women


These Oxford shoes are the perfect *It Shoes* Fall 2015~ They are always appropriate (save very formal or very flirty occasions), super comfy, goes with most anything in your wardrobe, and keeps your feet warm. Moreover still, they come in a wide variety and add that distinct classy articulate attitude to your steps!

Here's a round up of all the different possibilities~ ^_^!!!

#1. Instant fall babe look: Pair it with an almost matching big scarf~ Here, the model kept it even more chic by restricting the colors to closely mimic her hairtone.

#2. Go retro feminine: Wear it with a feminine retro lovely blouse and bow, or a retro style fitted cardigan.

#3. Try demure-foxy Parisienne styling in a sharp 3/4 length coat, silk camisole or low cut blouse, and herringbone tailored pants. Here again, model is sporting a clean look by keeping her hair, brows, pants, shoes all in the same dark neutral brown! 

#4. Oh the versatility! Your Oxford lace-up's will play nice with your suit ensembles, a semi-casual or cute dresses~ AND your denim jeans~!!

#5. LOVE this color combo for fall! Faded grey with ombré tip brown! Reminds me of those gorgeous buildings in downtown Chicago~! Note the higher neck cuffing your ankles in this pair... Oxford babies can be booted up to give you instant style & comfort~! No more chunky Doc Martens; leave those to teens & 20-something's, and only wear them for your   concert nights or for camping!! You need an upgrade Lady!

#6. Check for the eyelet placements. This pair has a minimal amount of eyelets.

#7. Wear with cigarette pants, try the Oxford shoes with a little heel. My personal limit is 4cm for heavy duty everyday shoes. 6cm maximum if stacked heels or wedge heels; but those still hurt after half a day of walking and wear for me.

#8. Go uber feminine & flirty with lacey bodied Oxford shoes with exposed top if you love sweet adorable outfits.

#9. No one can accuse you of looking too masculine in a pair of baby pink Oxford lace-ups! This one is super dolled up with abundance of eyelet designs all around from front to back~*

#10. This is the penultimate Fall 2015 It Shoes for the "Pumpkin Spiced Latte" tribes... They are the ultimate blend of sugary fall goodness and all the comforts of a pair of sneakers! I think if I had a pair like this, it would replace four of my shoes in one; no need for loafers, no need for mary-janes, no need for Doc Martens, no need for Converse sneakers!
#11. Spectator-Oxford's! Look smart & sharp in patent black & snow whites! Or go for a notch quieter in black & beige... It will still add class to your outfit!

#12. Finally~ Here are my two personal favorites. I am totally impartial to the tan & brown Oxford lace-up's above for Fall specific wear. But if I had to go with my personal signature colors for year round wear that includes the warmer months like Spring & Summer, ivory beige or a sunny yellow would be ideal. They look like a dressy version of Converse or ked sneakers & up-scale updates to my regular driving shoes & clunky ankle boots. ^__^ What's your ideal favorite Oxford shoes? Share with us below~!! xoxo Jessica FlatShoenista 

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